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Our bodies
had evolved with it’s environment: the geography of the soil and rock, the water, the sun, seasons, stars, animals, plants and trees. Human bodies are meant to reflect the outer world - to know it by heart. However, humans have grown too restless. And modern life calls, more than often, for speed and action.We have forgotten our familiarity with the stillness of a tree, plant or lake. Nature turned into something external. However this ancient connection is food for the life in our bodies. And we long for it.

With Tree Time chi kung we want to bring our bodies back into it's native language: nature. By way of Taoist exercises, composed by still poses, slow movement and philosophy, we practice mirroring the processes of nature: in the physical and more-than-phyisical dimensions.

In Tree Time, trees and plants are our teachers. Recognition and embodiment go beyond the differences between us and the surrounding green life. We stand still and discover how to move without effort. We slow down and cultivate more effective and resilient ways to respond to challenges.

Exercises are simple and accessible to everyone and everywhere. They consist mainly on zhan zhuang (still chi kung) and ba duan jin (8 pieces of the brocade)

When we experience uprightness, the aliveness in stillness and spontaneous processes, something fundamental happens. More vitality and sides of life are revealed. And the usual divide between us and nature begins to change.

Because this practice evokes exactly these inquiries: Do I dare to stand? Do I dare to keep my head up, rise and be seen in life? Do I dare to stay present with whatever is? Do I dare to feel connected with nature, life, other people, myself? We are just like the trees, standing tall with our roots into the ground and branches growing into all directions. Exploring and expanding in life while staying grounded and connected to all. We might not always feel this, but we long for it. Chi Kung is an embodied exploration into these inquiries. And in my experience absolutely transformational.
Chloe Monteiro, founder of De Meditatietuin, shiatsu practitioner

Spending time in a forest among trees is always calming and refreshing. Combining that experience with Chi Kung allowed even more quietness and understanding of self; of being able to appreciate the world around us and to be grateful for the gifts presented to us. In return we had the opportunity to bond with and appreciate the earth we live on, the spirits that reside here and share the bounty of Heaven and Earth with us; to make a connection to something that is bigger than all of us and maybe in some small way be able to give back. The trees were truly amazing!! It was a powerful day with lovely people guided by a compassionate and talented lady. An experience I would recommend to anyone. Having prior knowledge of Tai Chi of Chi Kung is not needed...just an open mind and an open heart.
Linda Boggie,DVM, CVA, FAAVA, Boggie Veterinaire Acupunctuur

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